Monday 14 June 2010


There has been a distinct lack of posts on my blog recently - I was on holiday all last week with Merv.  Just at home we didnt go away in the end.  Went out most days - ate out alot which is nice not having to cook or even worse think what an earth to have for dinner each evening.

One of the days we went to a cafe I found recently from reading paper and string blog.  Its not to far from us and they do a great breakfast and better still its right on the beach.

This is the inside, I love everything about it.

I did mean to take a picture of my breakfast but before I knew it - it was gone!

We went for a lovely walk along the beach and then sat and read for a bit.

At the weekend I was demonstrating at The Craft Barn, well on Saturday.  It was great fun, say Suze Weinberg and it was just like old times when I used to work at the Barn many years ago with Maggie.  She doesnt change she is just as crazy now but she is great fun.  There were 23 demonstrators in all - so many for all the customers to watch!  Linda from LB Crafts was there and it was great to see Linda her work is absolutely inspirational.  It was very busy and great to see so many familar faces and lots of new ones too.  I enjoyed sharing my ideas using the new papers, Anglomania and Blossom and, of course, some of our old favourites.

Sue came down for the weekend and came to The Craft Barn too which was lovely.  We went to an Italian on Saturday and had a lovely meal then on Sunday Sue and I went out for the day.  I took her to the beach for Breakfast and she too thought it was great.  We did a bit of shopping too and just had a lovely day together soaking up the sunshine.  I had been telling her about a beach hut that I had seen for sale - I would love one!  There are 2 for sale at the moment and we were trying to decide which one was better.

Its right at the other end of this row, next door to the cafe, its only 6'x4' but I would still love it.  A girl can dream!

I'll be back tomorrow with a card idea to share.


Lynda said...

Oh Julie I'd love to be close to the seaside and to have your own beach hut would be fantastic - go for it!

Love Lynda xxx

Helen said...

Thanks for some great ideas on Saturday, as always! I always love the demos at the Craft Barn weekend cos you can really get "into" them! I bumped into Sue outside at one stage which was nice. Love the beach huts!

Linda said...

Glad to see you back!
Was lovely to see you at the craft barn, we seem to be meeting every fortnight at present - see you on the 26th lol!

Mmmmm, crafting on the beach..... Now there's an idea :)

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Julie

Its good to have you back, but I'm glad that you and Merv had a nice break last week. That cafe does look loverrly - hubby was just looking over my shoulder saying where is that and who's blog are you reading - he wasn't surprised when I told him!!! One of these days I might drag him down to one of your demonstrations or up to the GNPE!

I've finally bought the Anglomania and die cut collection I've gotta admit I wasn't sure when I first saw it on the CC website, but after seeing all your lovely creations it grew on me and so I ordered it - and I'm sooooo glad I did I just absolutely love it!!!! The quality of the card it is printed on and the colours are gorgeous! I've made some cards and I'm going to e-mail them to CC. Plus gotta get my finger out for the sketch challenge too.

I also ordered at the same time the blossom collection but haven't played with that just yet.... but that too is just gorg!

Anyway I've gone on a bit here so I'm signing off now!

looking forward to seeing more inspiration.

Take care


Bettythebaglady said...

What a great time you two have had this weekend. Would have loved to have come to the Craftbarn do. It sounds as though lots of fun was had by all-including the demonstrators.
By the way I hope you read my liar award post as I included a little reference just for you. Bet you can spot it.(Chuckle chuckle) Hugs BettyXXX

Enfys said...

How lovely to be so close to the seaside that you can go and have a bacon buttie on the beach, I love the look of the beach huts - I bet they cost a fortune don't they?
En xx