Sunday 6 June 2010

Absolutely gutted!

I am absolutely gutted ...  Valentino Rossi broke his leg yesterday in morning practice.  He had a terrible crash flipped right of his bike, flying through the air and spun over and over in the gravel.  You could see his leg was broken as he was flying through the air.

He rolling around in agony, obviously, and his foot is not in the right place!  Yuk!

He is such a huge part of the racing for both Merv and I and yesterday when we heard he had broken his leg - qualifying just did not seem so important.

Vale pulls so much of the crowd to every race and Mugello is his home track, its about 5 miles from his home town and you can see hundreds of people walking to the track as they come over the hill.  There is a corner of the track that is the official Rossi bend and its usually just a sea of yellow - Vale's colour.

It will be so interesting today to see if there are any people on that bend.  I doubt there will be any on the day ticket sales today.

The reason Im so gutted is last week I bought tickets to Silverstone, Merv and I decided we would like to be at the first Moto GP at Silverstone be part of the atmosphere.  The tickets are not cheap it cost almost £120 to sit on the grass!

We had already bought tickets for the Day of Champions on the Thursday before race day on Sunday which is such good fun, you get up close and personal with lots of the riders.  We always gets to see Vale and now he wont be there.  They have a fantastic auction at the end of the day where all the riders give leathers, gloves, boots etc to sell for charity.  JT is always there with his band Crash, but even he isnt going to be there this year because of his commitments to World Superbikes. 

Niether of these days are going to be quite the same with Valentino.  Hope he heals well and quickly, he has had an operation to pin it already, but he will be out for at least 6 races if not more.


Kathleen said...

Oh Julie how aweful for you, I know just how you feel, something like this has happened to me. Look on the bright side, it's a day out, you and Merv together and hopefully a lovelee Summer's Day.
Kath x

Bettythebaglady said...

Julie you are obviously not spending enough money on crafting if you can spend mmmmm(censored) on a ticket to sit on grass. I can sit on grass in Queen's Park and it's free-well I would if I could get up again. By the way I hope you've had time to read my blog recently as bits of my bare faced liar award posting refer to you.Hugs BettyXXX

Julie said...

Betty ok I could have sat on the grass at home for free but Valentino would not be coming past at 200 mph on the edge of his tyres, knee to the floor and the sound of the engine screaming. And then of course there is all those men (some are gorgeous) in leathers too! Let me tell you its worth every penny!

Julie said...

I will enjoy the day really, but it wont be the same without Valentino. And to find out that JT and his band Crash are not playing either! I dont think I would have booked tickets had I known.
Cant wait to see you in July!

Julie said...

Your post about the award is brilliant I cant tell the truth from the made up ones! You had me in stitches you write really well.
Im going to put a link to it from my blog later. Im on holiday this week and just havent felt like blogging. speak soon

chris said...

Hi Julie
just found your blog through clare curds, I cant belive I havent found it before.
just had a good old look through you have some amazing artwork.
hugs chris xx

Katty Bell said...

Won't be the same without Valentino :(
Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Kay Carley said...

Julie - just wanted to stop by and say many thanks for you know what! Didn't get chance to thank you properly on Saturday. I'll let you know once I've tried it.

Thanks again!