Sunday 5 October 2008

Happy Birthday JT!

Today is James Toseland's 28th Birthday and he celebrated in real style riding at the Moto GP at Phillip Island in Australia. His team manager, Herbel Proncharal, presented James with fish & chips complete with birthday candles!
He was 5th on the grid, fantastic place to start from, whilst poor Valentino was back in 12th after a late crash during qualifying.
James put up such an amazing race, especially whilst he was fighting for 3rd place with Valentino, who as you know is a genius!, and had managed to work his way up through the field to 4th. They swapped places several times - what must it be like to pass Valentino? I will ask James next weekend when I get to see him at Brans Hatch.
Thanks for making it such a great race to watch, I was on the edge of the sofa for the whole 28 laps. I wish it had not been such an early start, up again at 5am to watch the racing but James you made it worth it.
Have a great birthday!

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Zarna said...

It was only fair that Stoner won in Australia though! Gotta love an Aussie boy does good in front of the home crowd story!