Tuesday 8 July 2008

What a mess!

Well Ive started so I will have to finish! It took 4 days to get my shed back into some sort of order - I will take pictures later when I have cleared up I have been making cards for a workshop on Saturday at Leeds.
These are what it looked like on Saturday in the garden and inside the shed. The stuff outside is about half of what was in the shed the other was moved over so I could paint. Fortunately I got everything back inside - I couldnt swing a cat in the shed but slowly it all came together and by Monday evening it looked much better. I still have things to sort though and throw out - I mean give away! and I want to label everything but that will happen one day soon.
This is my new unit - not as it looks now I might add, but just full of stuff as it had to go somewhere whilst I painted the rest of the walls.
I will take pictures of the new studio soon!

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Bettythebaglady said...

Julie I'm thrilled to see your room.Realise now mine is a palace although there is a definite resemblance. Mine needs redecorating too but I've been trying to use up as much stash as poss and can't seem to dent it.Need an excuse (and a space)for more stuff 'cos there's some fab stuff out there at the moment. I confess I did have a little dabble in the Craftwork Cards sale which didn't help. Ah well-better go make the tea. LOL Betty