Saturday 5 July 2008

All Change!

Ever started something and then wished you hadnt? Well I have!!
Yesterday I went with Paula to Ikea and bought some lovely new units for my studio, affectionately known by my boys as my SHED. Well after a hell of a struggle to get them into my car and trying to get rid of a man that wanted to take them home for me for a small fee! I dont suppose I would ever have seen them again! We had to unpack everything and Paula had about 3 inches of leg room - good job she only has little legs! Anyway we got them home and Merv and Matt put them together in about 5 minutes flat.
Well Paula encouraged me to paint the inside of my shed - so we cleared one wall and painted it with a couple of coats, installed the new units and promptly filled them with stuff. But where does all the other stuff go?
I have just cleared another wall of units and shelving ready to paint that and everything is outside under a sheet trying its best not to get wet. So Im off to paint another wall then move everything out from the other two walls and to paint them.
I have way too much stuff in my shed and some has to go. Im sure the local school craft club will enjoy some of the bits but I will be having some things to sell too and will post them on my blog soon.

Once its all done I will take some pictures to share but right now - I wished I never started it!!!
When its all done and back together it will be well worth it I know but when that will be Im not sure.

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