Saturday 7 June 2008

What a lovely day!

I had a super day today at The Craft Barn it was so nice to see so many familar faces, old friends and customers from so long ago, it was a blast from the past! Im sure anyone who came will have had a fabulous day too. Lots of demostrations to see, all such talented card makers and scrapbookers, with so many beautiful samples to see too.

I was asked about a favourite tool of mine today, the Japanese Screw Punch. I used in on the card for yesterdays post to create the three small holes dotted around the background of the frame. If you would like to invest in one you can find them here. They are not cheap but it is one of the best tools I own,, I have had mine for about 5 years now and I would not be without it. It will punch holes abosolutely anywhere in your work - you are not restricted in anyway. It comes with 6 different sized heads that simply screw into the handle. Place on your project where you want a hole and push down. Its really that easy. It will go through chipboard, shrink plastic, thick card and even leather - should you need another hole in a belt etc. You dont need to empty it the punched holes just fall out as it fills up.

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