Monday 9 June 2008

Judith's New Frames!

I love them! Designed by Judith Hannington for Craftwork Cards, produced onto white cardstock that is ready to be decorated. I love chalking them and adding details with glitter glues, coloured ones for the centres and Stardust for highlighting the embossed edge. Punch holes in mini messages and the frame and tie messages on with ribbon. Layer onto Bling card and finish decorating the frame with 3 dots of Stardust glitter glue for soft and subtle background pattern.
If you would like to use the Embossed Frames on your cards there are 4 designs to choose from: Flower, Star, Heart and Swirl - all gorgeous! Click here to see them.
Change the colour of the chalks and the bling cardstock and they look so so different. I have punched 3 small holes using my Japanese Screw Punch in the frame before laying it onto the turquoise card and tied a ribbon around the frame.


Kitty said...

Oooo i love these! They are so pretty Julie!

Heather said...

these are lovely - i especially like the blue one. Will have to order some of these soon. Great blog, great inspiration thanks

Justine said...

Oh i love these Julie, very pretty!!
Justine x