Saturday 6 August 2011

Last of my cards ....

These are the last of my handmade birthday cards, I did get lots of gorgeous shop bought cards too!

This card is from Margaret and Brian using the Blossom collection, which was one of my favourites.

Another favourite old collection, Enchanted, thank you Susan for this lovely card.

This amazing bottle was from my Chicago buddies - its black raspberry liqueur and smells/tastes gorgeous.  Thank you Sue and Andrew I am going to enjoy this very much!

Lastly is this stunning card from my cousin Sally which she made using her Cricut machine.  Sally is very talented - it must run in the family!!!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing all my cards etc and again I want to thank everyone who sent me cards or facebook messages - you made my day really special, thank you.

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helenplusthree said...

That 5oth is a stunning idea..that is super.