Thursday 4 August 2011

Birthday cards and more!

This lovely bottle of Prosecco (my favourite) arrived with a M&S voucher (off to treat myself!!!) and a big card signed by all my work colleagues up at Leeds.  Thank you everyone its really kind of you all.

I got a card from Steve and Leonora - Steve works up at Leeds too.  I just want to know who told them!!

My good friends Helena and Ron sent this wonderful tin of handmade biscuits to me.  One was specially iced just for me!

Up close to see the finer details ....

This lovely card was from Kath Woods ....  Kath made a Christmas decoration for the stand at CHA similar to this one.  Loving the colours!!

And Kath also sent me a fabulous box of Montezuma chocolate.  Now let me tell you if you have not tried Montezuma chocolate you have to.  It is the best dark chocolate I have ever tasted and I have to say NORMALLY I am very good at sharing but Im afraid to say the Montezuma brings out the worst in me and the box is hidden - its just for me!!!  Its bad really as there are 3 big bags of chocolate buttons and 4 bars of chocolate, but Im not sharing!

Have you noticed something, just about all my presents are edible and they are not really going to help me loose the 3 stone that I need to!!  Matt and Owen also bought me chocolates!!  Can you believe this too that I only had my first chocolate on Friday - 2 days after my birthday!

Last few cards and presents tomorrow.

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