Thursday 20 May 2010

Amazing, wonderful, brilliant, out of this world

There really isnt a word to describe how I felt when I got a phone call from Sue on Tuesday this week.

Why you say - well Sue is taking me to Arizona, USA in August to attend Creative Escape 2010!  How lucky am I! 

3 days of workshops with some wonderful US teachers including Heidi Swapp in the most amazing hotel.  Of course, we cant just go all that way for 3 days so we are going for 6!  Plenty of time to enjoy the gorgeous hotel, visit the spa, sit by the pool, go shopping!  We can even go on a bus tour to Bazzill Paper's warehouse - I must take an empty suitcase.

Words cant explain just how excited I am about this and I appologise now for how much I may go on about this over the next 98 days until we go to Creative Escape!

Sue - thank you so much, I definately have the best job in the world!


Helen said...

Wow!! Think you should take me in your empty suitcase... I am sure you will have an amazing time - all 6 days of it!!

Carol Ann said...

You lucky Lady! I would like to say I'm not jealous but that would be a lie :) I'm sure you will have an absolutely brilliant time.

Carol Ann xx

G Peplow said...

Fabulous, you lucky lady!!!!will forgive you for going on about it, for a while anyway;-D

yoursartfully said...

Ooooo, sounds fab....can I come too?

Lin x

Kathleen said...

mmm, feedbiz doesn't seem to be working very well as I have just spotted this on my own, and also your what have I forgotten post. Wish I hadn't cos I am so jealous.Don't ring Sue as she won't be answering her phone, in case it is me demanding to know why I am not invited as well.
I would.
Kath x

Kath Stewart said...

the little green goddess has just reared her ugly head..I'm sure there will be room in your suitcase for me...OK maybe not on the way are going to have so much fun...and arizona....are you going to be anywhere near Timmy...oh I feel faint with envy....big hugs kath xxx

Lynda said...

That's brilliant - you will have a ball!

Love Lynda xxx

sparklygirl-Tina said...

WOW - Julie how wonderful - what an experience that will be! We are all green with envy in blogland now!

Enfys said...

How fantastic, you will have a blast over there, thinking of joining Kath and Lynda stowing away in an empty suitcase. You will come back with so many ideas to inspire us all,
big hugs
En x