Thursday 20 May 2010

What am I like!

I really cant believe this - we are all going to a Wedding on Saturday, Carla and Brendon are getting married and what have I forgotten to do!

Well I remembered to buy a dress - yes a dress - my legs will be on show, but not much of them, I bought a maxi dress!!

I also remembered to buy a pair of pink shoes to go with it.

I remembered today to go and have a wonderful pedicure, taking my pink shoes with me to match the nail varnish - they look gorgeous.

Tomorrow I will remember to go and get Fake Baked so that I look bronzed and golden  - hopefully not orange and tangoed!!

So what was it that I have forgotten to do?

Leave me a comment and lets see who is first to guess what it is!


jandy said...

Has to be a card!

Kathy Rogers said...

I bet you forgot the card!!

stampingcaz said...



Janice said...

Make their wedding card!


Debs said...

Make a card????!!!!
Hope not lol!!!
I too am going to a wedding on Saturday - enjoy yours
Take care
Debs xx

millie said...

make a card

Liz Mills

Suzie Q said...

Surely not!
you haven't made the card !
Suzie qx

caroline said...

my guess is that you have forgotten to make a card hehe

caroline said...

my guess is that you have still to make a card.

caroline said...

my guess is that you have still to make a card

Helen said...

Hmmm... have you forgotten to make them a card? Get your hair done? Buy a pressie? Ok, I give up!

Have a great time - weather is meant to be gorgeous still.

Kimmi said...

Make a card - or a pressie? Hmmm. Not sure!

Hope its nothing too important!

Kimmi x

Belinda said...

Hi Julie
Did you ironically forget to make them a wedding card per chance? Oh and congrats on your trip!
Belinda x

Tinkertaylor said...

Don't tell me you didn't.....make the card?

Lesley said...

you've forgotten to make a card?

Huguenot Girl said...

I am guessing you forgot to make a card!


Ditto! The card!

Kate M said...

Can't believe that u forgot to make a card
Luv Kate