Friday 2 April 2010

Love this combination!

A little bit of Glitz N Glamour with a sprinkling of Carnival - just gorgeous - what do you think?

Again my favourite card design - 9 small squares - some beautiful die cut flowers with card candy centres, real quick and easy but very stylish.

Up close to see the details. I love to curl and shape the petals of the flowers before gluing to my card and adding card candy centres.

Do you love this colour combination? What colour do you like best with Glitz and Glamour papers?


SaggiSoo said...

Hi Julie, I follow Kath's blog and she mentioned she had pinched one of your designs on there so I thought I'd have a look at your blog. It's wonderful! Your cards are so clean and colourful. Just lovely. Will be looking at you and Kath every morning now while I'm eating my brekkie!

Sue x

Julie said...

Glad you like my cards and that you will be looking every morning.
Happy Easter