Friday 2 April 2010

Happy Easter

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

I have not made any cards, but this gorgeous one arrived in the post for me today - thank you so much Dawn and David. The card is beautiful such lovely delicated spring colours and I love the rabbit - Dawn is very good at colouring in - miles better than me.

Im so pleased to be at home this weekend, Im going to have lie in on Friday, potter around hopefully make some cards and eat lots of chocolate - hope someone has bought me an Easter Egg!! Off to see the bike racing on Sunday and Monday - fingers crossed it wont rain!

Anyway whatever you are doing have a fab time.


maddy hill said...

lovely card you recieved Julie ..

did you by any chance have a stall at granary warf in leeds in the late 90's early 2000 ish ? if so i had one behind you lol... i sold fairies .. im sure it was yourself ...
maddy - leeds lass !

Kath Stewart said...

have a lovely relaxing easter weekend julie and love the blog make over...big hugs kath xxx

Julie said...

Maddy, no it wasnt me. I only started going to Leeds when I started working with Sue and Rich from Craftwork Cards.
Happy Easter

Julie said...

Im pleased with how my blog looks at the moment just need to sort out the header, know what I want just cant seem to do it!!! I will have to ask my son Matt to help me.
Did you do your header picture because yours looks gorgeous too.
Happy Easter Kath

Julia said...

What a fab card you have received! Have a lovely Easter, don't eat too many eggs ;0) x

Lynda said...

Happy Easter Juie - hope you have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the racing.

Love Lynda xxx

G Peplow said...

A very Happy Easter to you too, hope you get time to relax a little!! x

maddy hill said...

they say everyone has a double ! who ever it was made cards too ! lol ... and i think handmade paper !

funny Julie i know you from somewhere im sure ... maybe the mag work ? or demonstrating prehaps ?

maddy x

Julie said...

Maddy thats even more strange that she made cards too! I have just looked at your blog - wow you make amazing cards and your fimo figures are gorgeous you are a very talented lady. Maybe we do know each other, demonstrating perhaps and your name does ring a bell I have to say.
Did you ever come down to the Craft Barn?

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Julie

Loving your new look blog! Nice and bright and fresh. I just love Lindor chocs however big or small! Have a great Easter and enjoy your days out - you deserve it as you've been so busy lately.


Bettythebaglady said...

Happy Easter Julie,Still not getting the flow going yet but enjoying catching up