Monday 24 May 2010

Lifes a beach!

Thought you might like to share in my day at the beach yesterday.

Merv and I like to go about 4.30pm just as most people are making a move to go home.  It wasnt as busy as I thought it would be as it was such a gorgeous day, but there were a few people still enjoying the sun.

This was our bit of the beach

Merv cooked my favourite, paella.  So he made a small fit pit, filled it with wood and started a fire.
He sorted the ingredients and started cooking, doesnt it look good
This is the finished result - it was delicious!
Once eaten we sat back and enjoyed the view
Hope you had a lovely day in the sun too.

Oh yes, and Valentino came 2nd in Moto GP but it was not much of a race - still good though.

And its only 94 days to go!!!


Lynda said...

What a perfect day!

Love Lynda xxx

Helen said...

How fantastic! Looks like the beach down where my Mum lives, (Pagham, W Sussex) - all stones!!

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Wow that paella looks scrummy - is your hubby a chef? What a wonderful way to spend a sunny late afternoon......

Julie said...

Lynda it was the end to a perfect day - you are right.
Helen - not far from your Mums! How clever are you spotting the pebbles!!
Tina - Merv did train as a chef at college, not what he does for a job now but he is brilliant at creating something wonderful to eat - hence I need to loose some weight!

Kath Stewart said...

how romantic...watching the sun setting....hope you had some sangria to go with the paella...hugs kath xxx

Kimmi said...

Beautiful! Love the view! Glad you had a lovely afternoon/evening on the beach and what a dish! Looks gorgeous! Mmmmmm.


Kimmi x