Friday 2 April 2010

This is more like it!

Well Im pleased to say that Merv was teasing me this morning with the little Lindor egg, he really got me the lovely big egg with all the tiny eggs as well. 
He wanted to get me a big rabbit too, but it was £34 and he thought that was much too much money to spend on a chocolate rabbit so he got me the one in the picture. 

Owen also got me the Mini Eggs egg, chocolates and mug. 

What did Matt get me?  You guessed it - not an egg, but he has spent the last couple of hours teaching me some photoshop skills - like my new header?  Well between us we did it!

Let me know if you like the new look!


Helen said...

I do like your new header - I was just thinking, did I just not notice it on the first post today!! I envy you your eggs though... yum yum! We always got a choccy bunny for Easter when I was a kid - I miss them still!

Julie said...

Helen you have only just seen the new header, it was still the old one this morning. Its taken me all morning to make the new one and then learn some photoshop to add the cards by Julie text! Still I know now and Im really pleased with the new header - says alot about me - Daisy mad!!

PeeJay said...

I've had to click through to your blog to see the header 'cos I follow using Google Reader so don't see any blog body's, just the posts.
It looks great though Julie.
Have to say my Easter egg will be the usual - nothing ... 'cos we don't bother with it - except for the little ones - lol!

Bagpuss685 said...

I love your new header

Bettythebaglady said...

Julie I always thought Easter Eggs were brought by the bunny on Easter Sunday. Hope you weren't rummaging in hidey holes. Easter hugs XXX Betty

Julie said...

Betty we had a big family debate as to when we should have the Easter Eggs and it was unanimous - they all wanted chocolate TODAY.
Who knows the Easter Bunny may call on Sunday too!!

cathinka said...

Julie- what a surprise!! Thought I'd had a weird blog hop when your new header started to show on my screen- then realised it had ...card candy, which = 'Julie' I stopped worrying. I think it's great, and what good new skills to have (I'm a computer-tech-novice)so all praise to you and your marvel-Merv, is he against glitter glue?? I can't see it on the new header, or is it my computer? Well done again, and Happy Easter, enjoy the racing, hope the weather's ok,

millie said...

I love it very chic.

Tinkertaylor said...

Love the header very stylish and love the chocolate even more.

Jacky said...

Hi Julie, I love the new header - the daisies are so fresh and funky. I am a great Lindt fan but have tried to give up choccies to lose some wt - I hardly eat it at all now and I think I was verging on being an addict. I always get some great ideas for projects from your site. Best wishes, Jacky

Julia said...

Loving the new header and I hope you didn't eat all your chocolate at once ;0) x