Wednesday 20 January 2010

Butterfly Card 4

The other small card that I made using the sheet of stamped and coloured paper.

The little piece I had left from the sheet I cut into 3 slim pieces and spread them over the front of the card. I left bigger borders at either end and added some crystals.

I coloured a Mini Message using the same Copic pens as the butterflies and finished with a crystal at either end. The crystals help to draw your eye to the message.

Up close shot to show the detail better.

Only 1 more card to go - dont forget please vote for your favourite card design.


SallyB said...

Hi's hard to decide..they are all lovely. I guess my fav so far is the large square one which I think was the first one you showed...I love the ribbon on this one! I like the little silver sparkly dots as well!

Michelle said...

Hi Julie - they are all beautiful! The stamp is lovely and the way you have coloured the paper is stunning. I found it hard to choose between card 4 and card 5, but I think card 4 wins for me - I really like the three panels, and the sparkle on each side.

Childminder Jules said...

Hiya Julie think its card number 4 for me. Sometimes i think after all the fuss and ado of christmas and all the cards we make its nice to get back to basics and less is more. Thanks for the inspiration see you soon. Jules xx