Monday 9 November 2009

It's been so long

And all I can say is sorry for my absence and I will try harder!

So much has happened since I last posted, but then it was back at the end of September!

Valentino Rossi won the World Championship in Moto GP, poor old JT didnt do well at all, but he is off back to World Super Bikes next year and is looking good and extra gorgeous on his new bike (had to get that in just for Gill or she would have been disappointed in me).

We had just been to Ally Pally when I last posted, well I've been to Chesterfield for a special workshop and met some lovely ladies - who even came to see me at the NEC the weekend just gone. We then took part in a special event with QVC in London for 2 days, meeting lots of new customers and doing a Make and Take with them all.
Then I spent 3 days working at Craftwork Cards in Leeds working on the new website amongst other things. It was lovely to work with everyone up there and be part of the team and to see how it all works first hand.
Then it was off to Glasgow for Hobbycrafts Show for 5 days. I flew up as its too far for me to drive and the wind was so strong going up we arrived 20 minutes earlier! If only the same could have happened coming home. No the plane was delayed to 10:20pm so I eventually got home at 20 past midnight - a really long day when all you want to do is get home.
I then had a lovely week off with Merv and Owen as it was half term for us. The week flew by, Merv and I went out for lunch several times, did some shopping and generally had a nice time. It was Merv's 50th Birthday so we had his twin brother and all the family over at the weekend for a party. We had a great time and got to meet the latest edition to the family, Finley. He's just celebrated his first birthday and is absolutely gorgeous!

Last Wednesday we set off for Birmingham for Hobbycrafts at the NEC. Wednesday is set up day, then the show was on Thursday through to Sunday. It was so so busy and the days flew by and before we knew it we were breaking down and packing everything away again. It was our last show for this year, but we have just arranged a very special Christmas Event for Saturday 5th December at a beautiful hotel in Leeds, The Village Hotel South Leeds.

Here are the details:

Join us for a wonderful crafting day, hurry the seats are limited, click here to book your seat.
Next I will post some pictures of cards, because I know thats really why you visit my blog!


Kathy Rogers said...

Hooray you're back, we need our fix of inspiration!

Lynn said...

Welcome back to the blog, lovely to hear from you. Any classes going on down south soon?

Lynn x