Monday 23 February 2009

My New Best Friends!

My wonderful friend Sue, from Craftwork Cards, and I are going to take part in a Ribbon Walk on Saturday 20th June 2009 at Harewood House, Yorkshire. We are entering in the 10 mile walk and we will be one of those pink dots!

Sue told me about the walk and asked if I would do it with her. Well I have wanted to take part in a Ribbon Walk for sometime as I have lost my Dad Alf, my Father-in-Law Laurie and my cousin Sue all to cancer, I have also lost many friends to this awful illness too.

I have lots of friends who have fought and survived cancer and have a friend who is currently fighting breast cancer. This walk is for all those people.

10 miles may not sound very far but I am so unfit its not true, so today I went out and purchased myself a proper pair of trainers so that I can start to get fit, ready for the big day in June. So these are my new best friends!

And yes if you look closely there is mud on them as I went for a long walk around a Reigate Priory, a local park to where I live, today to break them in and to start training. I must have done about a mile and a half, not much I know, but its a start and I have to build the miles up over time.

I also bought a pair of walking socks that guarantees you wont get blisters! They are good for 1000 miles apparently. I have to say the trainers were very comfortable and so light as well.

If anyone would like to sponsor me - I have set up a page, through Breast Cancer Care, which makes it so easy, just click here. Any sponsorship, of any amount, will be really appreciated and go to this fantastic cause. Thank You.


Paula Pascual said...

You are such an inspiring friend!

henny rupita said...

Go.. Go.. Julie Go!