Thursday 9 August 2007

Happy Birthday Sue!

Its my wonderful friend Sue's birthday tomorrow and I have just been up to see her for a couple of days. I delivered my present to her and made her open it early! I wanted to see her reaction to it - and let me tell you it was worth all the hard work and effort put in to create it for her.

Recently Sue and I spent a fabulous day with Linda Brown at LB Crafts in the lovely town of Olney. Her shop and studio are in a gorgeous little courtyard with a fabulous coffee shop where we all had lunch. We did a workshop with Linda, just Sue and I how spoilt were we! We learnt basic techniques with 10 seconds metal and we made an amazing canvass each. It was such a great day just playing, chatting and learning things about each other - no pressure - not for work just for us.

Well I loved working with the metal and thought I would make something for Sue for her Birthday and this is the result. I nearly went out on Monday to buy Sue a present as I didnt want to part with the chest - but of course I did it was made for her. I will make another for myself with different words on the draw fronts.

Sue, have a fabulous day on Friday 10th August and Linda too as she shares the same Birthday as Sue. See you both on Sunday at Stevenage.

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Kerrie's Crafting Corner said...

wow stunning!!

Lucky Sue I say... I'm not sure if I could part with it lol!