Sunday 15 July 2012

Leaving on a jet plane ....

Don't know when I'll be back again. 

Well I do actually - in a weeks time!

Im off to Chicago with Sue and Andrew from Craftwork Cards to attend a craft trade show in the USA.  We have a stand there to promote some of Craftwork Cards gorgeous products.  It's hard work but also very enjoyable. 

I love to see all the inspiration on display, see new products, colours and show off our range of products to the store owners.

I will post some pictures when I'm back but here are a few cards to keep you going ...
I love how when you round just 2 corners of a squar they look so different.

This is one of my favourite cards - 3 simple hearts make up each petal to they are dimensional and then 3 petals make a flower.

This is another of my favourite cards that I made with Sweet Pea and took it to Ally Pally for the Big Stamp and Scrapbook show.  Unfortunately it had only been on show about an hour and someone took it - why do people think they can do that.

Anyway hope you have enjoyed these cards and speak to you all again soon.



kassa said...

Stunning, stunning cards Julie, I really can't pick out a favourite.

Julie Brooks said...

Beautiful cards and I can't believe someone stole one of them! Outrageous!