Monday 2 May 2011

Long time no posts!

Sorry about not posting much recently I have made lots of new card samples but can't share them just now.

Getting excited and nervous about QVC next week, the kits are gorgeous and I am loving what I have made with them.

Looked up on Sky today to see if it mentioned us in the listings for next Monday 9th May and look!!!!

 Ok so it was a bit sad to take a picture of it, but how cool is that!


sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Julie

I'm so excited for you - and I've set sky to tape the programme in case I forget! but I'm sure you will be reminding us again though! So looking forward to seeing your show!



anne said...

Sure you'll be fabulous, I have it set to record so can watch it when I get in from work

Your Touch of Craft said...

go girl you show them,a we have set sky to tape you, really looking forward to watching you.

Sarah K said...

We will be watching xx good luck! but you dont need it xx