Tuesday 10 May 2011

Big Thank You

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who watched the show yesterday - I really do appreciate it.
Especially as so many of you picked up the phones and ordered to giving me lots of Sell Outs which absolutely made my day.

I was a little nervous to start with but the time just flies by.  There was so much I wanted to say and do which I didnt.  Next time I hope I will be even better.  I had demo's planned for each item but the floor manager just kept waving move on because all the product had sold out.

I didnt even get to show one sample card that I had made for the Create a Flower Pad - next time!

Thank you too for all the amazing comments I have recieved - it means a lot to me.

Cant wait to get back on and do it all again - hopefully it wont be too long.


Jo Street said...

Well done, you were great. I watched when I got home from work, not surprised everything sold out so quickly as its all lovely stuff, and the samples you made were fab, hope they let you have longer next time, and that there's some items left for me!!
Jo x

Gibmiss said...

Hi Julie
You did a great job.....i was really nervous when i rang up ....but was glad they let me speak to you ...i have had people n my blog with some nice comments saying i am Famous ...Lol.....
i have a card on my blog on Less is More Challenge with your idea of the little punched flowers ..i have used a heart Shape for my ...love doing them ...cant wait to get your book.....Well done ...

sue said...

well done!
enjoyed the show it went all to fast .
so glad it was a success and yes we need to see the samples !

Trixie Hughes said...

Hi Julie - the show was wonderful, my only wish was that your bit had lasted the whole hour. Thanks for posting some of the samples - they're lovely. x

Jane said...

Fantastic show Julie - I rarely watch shopping channels but bookmarked yours and was so pleased that the products sold so well

Lynda said...

You were great Julie - take more stock next time lol.

Love Lynda xxx

Lucy and Suky said...

We watched and really enjoyed it. We texted in but they didn't show any texts - boo!
Love Lucy and Suky x x