Sunday 9 January 2011

Favourite Cards 9

A favourite Workshop card, I joined 4 elegant rectangles together to create this card.  Olive and red - Tis the Season, what a lovely traditional combination with a contemporary twist.

Blossom papers turned into pretty windmills.  These flowers are much easier made using Ice Cream Parlour as its a double sided paper.  To make this I stuck 2 papers together to make them double sided and they were too thick really, but I love the colour combo and the result.

Little bunting made using Perfect Petal Template 1 again.

My favourite Vintage Rose card that I made.   The flowers are made using the Patchwork Pieces template with snips into the shape to create a flower.  That was Sue's idea - thanks Sue.

A take on a card that Debbie Pincher designed, my version with little envelopes attached on the side.  See picture below for inside the card.

The envelopes are filled with tags for special messages or gift vouchers, money, whatever you want.

Last day tomorrow, vote for your favourite card today, and check back tomorrow.


Trixie Hughes said...

Love them all but my favourite is the one with the bunting Julie. x

Sharon said...

Love all your cards Julie. Today's favourite is the vintage Rose car.

Sharon x

Sharon said...

Love all your cards Julie. Today's favourite is the vintage Rose card.

Sharon x

nikkib said...

The elegant rectangles one for me today, lovely...

Ciara said...

At the workshop, I seem to remember some confusion over the measurements of the squares used to make those windmills Mrs Hickey!

I think the bunting one is my favourite. After the workshop I made it in the pink & orange blossom papers and it was beautiful

Gaynor said...

Love love love the vintage rose card.....all that lovely glitter glue and scallops.......beautiful flowers..........wonderful xx