Thursday 26 August 2010

Happy Birthday Gill!

I made this birthday card for my lovely friend Gill. I sent it to her early as I would be away in Arizona on her actual birthday.

Well I should have known Gill can not resist opening packets, parcels etc, even though I wrote on the jiffy bag for her to keep it until today!  Naughty, naughty!

I used some 12x12 papers and folded the bottom up inside to create a pocket.  I used my sewing machine and stitched as much as I could.

I then filled the pockets with goodies, a small notebook attached to a tag and a glue bottle slipped into a tag, decorated with die cut flowers with gorgeous centres from Hobby House.

Up close for finer details:

Well Gill I hope you have a great day today and see you soon.


Moon Starr said...

Wow this is beautiful Julie, such a lovely idea a bit like a "Birthday" cracker!

Jane said...

That is gorgeous - I love it

Jane said...

Stunningly beautiful card - I really must look out my old sewing machine!

Elf Designs said...

What a gorgeous card/gift for your friend - lucky lady. A great idea with stitching the paper it actually looks like a fabric wallet. You are a very clever lady. Love Em x

SallyB said...

Hi Gill.
No wonder she couldn't wait to open it!!! Such gorgeousness inside.
Hope you have fun looking at loads of lovely craft stash...
Bazill factory!!!Take the tena lady.
I know i'd be wetting myself with excitement in there...he he.

Kay Carley said...

Beautiful card Julie. Love the flowers especially - very pretty paper.

I actually stopped by to ask if it is too late to ask if you could bring a pack of the 250 postcard size Digital Cardstock with you on Saturday?