Thursday 29 July 2010

My Presents

So these are the rest of my presents that I got for my Birthday on Tuesday this week.

I got this from all the girls at Craftwork Cards, I love it!

I got this rose plant from David and Dawn

Together with this lovely heart decoration.

Lastly, Merv bought me this gorgeous bright yellow suitcase to take to Arizona with me.  Well I had to decorate it with a 46 after Valentino - only hope someone at the airport doesnt think its his and worth stealing!  At least I wont have any trouble spotting it on the carousel at any airport.

By the way did I tell you its only 28 days until Sue and I head off to Arizona and Creative Escape!!


henny rupita said...

Julie, how are you?

July means Julie, HB!!!

Kathy Rogers said...

This made me laugh. I bought a yellow suitcase years ago, everybody laughed at me until we went to China for a month. We went on 15 flights during that holiday, my case was the only case that never got lost and it usually came onto the carousel first. I had the last laugh.