Sunday 4 April 2010

New Friend

I came down this morning and look, my new rabbit has a friend!  How lovely is that now, there is a him and her.

I will have to think of some names for them - what do you suggest I call Mr and Mrs Rabbit?


Helen said...

I vote for Yummy and Scrummy Rabbit. Happy Easter.

Kath Stewart said...

oh dear you may have to keep a close eye on this pair of know what they say about rabbits...before you know you could have a whole family running around...enjoy your easter weekend...big hugs kath xxxx

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Julie, I think they should be called Goldie and Isis after the Oxford and Cambridge Rowing team yesterday - Cambridge Won ! Hope to see you at Ally Pally
Jo xxx Happy Easter to you and your family

Carol D said...

Lovely bunnies Julie, didn't get any myself, not sure if you should give them names though, don't want to get too attached.

Happy Easter
Big Hugs Carol xxx

Suzie Q said...

Hi Julie,
not original i'm afraid but how about
Bugs and Bunny!
or the obvious Little and Large!
I know bad aren't they lol!
Happy Easter!
suzie Qx

freckles1 said...

What about Lynton and Lydia for names for Mr and Mrs Rabbit. Love the cards espcially the elephant templates on the elegant rectangles, must put them on my shopping list for Ally Pally!Jacqui

Katty Bell said...

Bob and Flossie!
Now they are being named it will almost be a crime to eat them..heee!
Happy Easter to you and yours.x

Dawny P said...

Oops, Kath beat me to it. I was going to say that if you didn't keep them apart, we'd be trying to think of lots more names lol xxx. Best eat them quick before that happens I reckon :) Have a great Easter, hugs, Dawny xxx