Tuesday 6 April 2010

More mouths to feed!

I know they say "breed like rabbits" but I wasnt ready for this!

There are now 8 little ones  - so indeed they did "breed like rabbits!"


maddy hill said...

ooooooooo yummy !

you eating them all Julie ????

i had two rabbits once , for a short period of time .... apparently they were both female .... i say for a short period of time as a few months later they turned into 18 of the little furry critters ! according to thier previous owner ..(who had them for two years before me) they had never bred , so thought they were both female . hmmmmmmm
I must have fed them extra strong carrots !

Helen said...

Julie, you need to start eating these rabbits! I'll help if you bring them to AP at the weekend...

Julie said...

Maddy I bet that was bit of a shock - 18 babies!! Well I know there will be no more for me. Owen has started to eat them now!

Julie said...

If Owen hasnt eaten them all by the weekend I might just bring some with me. Knowing Owen and chocolate there wont be any left by tonight!

Lynn said...

Enjoy! Such lovely chocolate too.

Linda said...

Love the sense of humour here :)
Great series of photos for a scrapbook page too x