Friday 19 February 2010

Elegant Rectangles

This is another one of the cards that the ladies made at the workshop on Saturday, this time featuring the gorgeous new elegant rectangles.

Im so pleased with how the elegant rectangles turned out - it gives me such a buzz when I suggest a new shape to Sue and then it falls through my letter box ready for me to get creative with it.

By joining 2 together you can create a stunning shaped card, just score on the back one so that you can open your card properly but you dont spoil the front of the card.

I will show you another great idea tomorrow - an idea I got from Sue and then added my own twist to it!


Linda said...

Loved the way this works, was good fun making it at the workshop. Great day out again Julie, you always manage to think of something new!

Lynn said...

Lovely Julie. I added an '18' to mine for one of my daughter's friends. With three children becoming 18 this year I have made a lot of 18th cards for their mates so far already! Keep the inspiration going!

Neil said...

Julie, Thanks for the wonderful class at the Glitter Pot yesterday. It was most enjoyable learning to work with the elegant shapes and learning new techniques.I feel very honoured to be one of 'the ladies'! I look forward to next time.
Best wishes,