Tuesday 9 February 2010

9th Feb

It's my other boy, Matthew's, 21st Birthday today!

Happy Birthday Matt

Hope you have a great day - even though you are away at college.

Enjoy the concert with Lauren.

Where or where did 21 years go! When I was in hospital before I had Matthew I meet a lady called Yvonne. We both had our babies on 9th February, Yvonne and Steve had Holly a long awaited for baby and Merv and I had Matthew. We became great friends and spent many happy days together with the kids and are still friends today.

This is the card that I made for Matthew.

Decorated inside to match the front.

This is the card I made for Holly - hope you have a great day too.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Matt! You really put an effort for this card. I am so proud of what you have made.
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sue said...

Hi Julie

It's my birthday today as well. Just goes to show it's a good date.
Just to let you know they have larger mannequin's in The Range in a cream colour. Looking forward to Saturday (if the snow doesn't stop us)

Paula Pascual said...

Lovely Cards, I reconigse the Butterfly. And the messages. Thats for using them!