Friday 29 January 2010

Build a Bloom - Take 6

I stamped another background paper, the same daisy as the orange card but touching the petals so that they are all linked together.

I masked the centre square of the card, edged it with glitter glue and added my favourite In Circle messages.

Crystals fill the centres of all the flowers, a little excessive perhaps but it looks gorgeous! I added little dots of glitter glue to the flowers too.


debs29blue said...

Hi Julie
I've loved all these cards, they are gorgeous! I also love the blue Butterfly cards you made, just beautiful.
I wonder if you can tell me, what copic colours did you use on the Butterfly cards, please? Also the colours for the Build a Bloom selection.
I haven't got any copics yet but would like to buy a few to get me started. Do you suggest getting colours very close together, for shading, or use the same colour and go over the area again.
Finally, please can you tell me the make of the butterfly stamp you used?
I hope you don't mind me asking you all of this! I keep reading very different views on the copics, but the effects I've seen on cards look really lovely.
Hope you can help me please,
take care
Debs x

Julie said...

Debs, thank you for your lovely comments about the cards.
I have lots of Copics but I have a few favourite colours - the ones I used on the blue butterflies and many of the build a bloom cards.
They are: Pink: RV000 Pale Purple, RV21 Light Pink,RV23 Pure Pink, RV13 Tender Pink. Blue: B00 Frost Blue, B02 Robins Egg Blue, B12 Ice Blue, BG01 Aqua Blue. Green YG11 Mignonette, YG23 New Leaf.
I would recommend buying 3-4 colours in any colour then you can shade better - or I can! I bought 10 different colours to start with and it didnt really work. When I bought 4 of the same colour it was much better. Go on a workshop/class if you can to learn how to use them properly.
The butterfly stamp is from Hero Arts one of their cling stamps.
Hope this helps.
Happy cardmaking

debs29blue said...

Hi Julie
Thanks so much for getting back to me with the info on your cards. I will definitely try these colours and have a play around with them!
Keep up the great cards and thanks again!
Take care
Debs x

Julie said...

Debs you are welcome - good luck with the Copics - Im sure you will love them!!