Wednesday 12 August 2009

More Birthday Cards

These cards are all from my friends and colleagues at Craftwork Cards.

First, Sue's stunning card.

Debbie's beautiful card - the photo does not do it justice. Its a gorgeous caramel and soft pink.

Michelle's gorgeous card

Nikki's first and beautifully made card

Sonya's fab card - love this colour combination

Steve who is married to Leonora who made this gorgeous card. I love this colour combination too, especially with the purple!


Susan Hurley-Luke said...

What a lovely blog you have, Julie! I stumbled upon you by accident as I was searching for a particular smiling kitty stamp (you have one featured in one of your card making books) and just spent an enjoyable time looking back through your posts at all the beautiful cards you have featured here. I will be coming back to see more! :)

Julie said...

Thanks for your lovely comments.