Monday 8 June 2009

13 days to go!

It's only 13 days left until Sue and I enter our Ribbon Walk up in Yorkshire for Breast Cancer Care! I have been out this morning and walked about 6 miles, I really want to walk everyday this week even if its just a couple of miles.

Got home though and my walking socks that are guaranteed for 1000 miles not to give you any blisters have not worked and I have 2 blisters!! Very painful, one of the side of my foot and one on the ball on my foot. It suddently occurred to me that maybe they have run out - maybe I have done more than 1000 miles in them! I will have to get another pair quick so I have them ready for the 21st June.

A BIG Thank you to Sally for the sponsorship that I received today for Sue and I, its really kind of you and is for such a great cause.

If you would like to sponsor Sue or I this is our justgiving page info - its so easy just sponsor us for whatever amount using a debit card - you can even leave us a message.

Click for our Just Giving pages: Sue Taylor or Julie Hickey

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