Friday 29 May 2009

Look whats arrived!

This arrived in the post today! Well its not long now until the 20th June when Sue and I will walk 10 miles for Breast Cancer Care on our Ribbon Walk at Harewood House.

Its really exciting to have the t-shirt to wear and an official number - how cool is that!

I would like to thank everyone who has sponsored me for the walk and to all the ladies at my Horley workshops who have put £'s in my pot - this is still to be added to my total on my justgiving page.

If you would like to sponsor Sue or myself, these are our justgiving pages SUE and JULIE - its really easy to do using a dedit card to make a donation. Its such a great cause.

Just about everyone I know has been touched in some way by Cancer. I lost my Dad, father-in-law and cousin, Sue, to cancer. Many friends have had cancer and fought it, some have not been so lucky. I have a friend, Sam, who is currently having treatment to be sure that all her cancer has gone so she can get on enjoying her life with her hubby and son. My Mum and I also have a friend that has very recently found out she has breast cancer, she has had an op and now faces weeks of chemo and then radio therapy but she is doing amazing well. This walk is for all those people.

Off for a long walk in the morning with Merv, probably to the beach and then for breakfast!

Thank you again.

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Linda said...

Wow Julie, you must be really excited now.
Hope you have a fantastic day.