Thursday 19 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Now I know its safe to post a picture of the card that I have made for my Mum because my Mum and computers just dont get on!

The idea for these cards came from a lovely customer called Betty Davies who transformed one of our blank die cut frames into a work of art using the Japanese Doll Choko.

Well having seen Betty's idea I thought I could make something similar but using the embossed frames and I love the result. Its a really quick and easy card to do but looks great.

I love covering the card candy centres of my flowers with glitter glue - looks like glittery brads now!
Card Candy is so clever - incase you havent been introduced - let me introduce you now. Its dome shaped pieces of pearlescent card that you attach to your card using a foam pad, silicone or glue and it looks just like a brad but you have no legs to hide - simply brilliant. Comes in lots of gorgeous colour combinations.

This is what my Mum wanted for Mother's Day - this super storage box for the card candy - littl
e did she know that my great friend Sue was going to fill all the boxes with the latest colours!

How happy is she going to be!
Got her favourite chocolates for her too and I will get some smellies tomorrow. She is coming for lunch on Sunday so Im sure she will enjoy the day.

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Bettythebaglady said...

Julie Drat and double drat-I-m sure I can see some colours in there that I haven't already got