Sunday 4 January 2009

More Christmas Cards

I have been taking the Christmas decorations down this morning and the Christmas cards so thought I should post some more of the lovely cards that I received.

Matt has just left to go to Nottingham for a week on his apprenticeship course - feels very strange without him at home.

Owen is getting ready to go back to school in the morning, not that he wants to get up early or do any work, but never mind.

Its really cold here today, the frost has only just gone and its early afternoon - it will return soon!

I think a good film and some chocolate is in order!


Bettythebaglady said...

Julie Chocolate! Whatever happened to Paul McKenna!Loving the cards and the book. You and Sue are a secretive pair. Betty the bag lady

Julie said...

I have started reading Paul McKenna but not finished it yet!! Im going to Slimming World tonight for the first time - so hopefully when I see you next there wont be so much of me! Glad you like the book and Sue and I were sworn to keep the secret. Juliex

henny rupita said...

lucky you, Julie! Love all the cards!