Thursday 4 December 2008

As time goes by!!

I cant believe that I have not posted since before going to the NEC! Ive done a lot since then - had a great workshop weekend at Leeds and a brilliant time at the Sale and book signing last Sunday. Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of my book so far I hope you enjoy it.

I have been off work this week and have been out and about which has been really nice.
Merv and I went to the NEC to the Bike show yesterday and we both had a great time. Merv bought loads of bits for his new bike, he has knocked off his bike whilst I was away at the NEC, he was fine but the bike was written off.

I got a copy of James Toselands book, I was going to see if he wanted to swap one of mine for one of his!!! I also got to get him to sign it and have some pictures taken with him. He spent ages with everyone, it was the best signing I have been too, really well organised and everyone went away with loads of bits signed and as many pictures as they wanted. He really is great with his fans.

Valenino Rossi's bike - he has just won the Championship for the 8th time! He is amazing on the bike and I could watch him racing all the time

It was brilliant to take pictures and to see the bikes up that I couldnt get over how little their seats are, its just a slither of rubber, and the foot pegs were tiny. To think how they throw them around the race track at such high speeds (over 200mph) its amazing.

James Toseland's bike - he did really well for his first season in Moto GP and he will do even better next year.
Im off to a watercolouring workshop in the morning with my Mum at the Glitter Pot and then I have a workshop myself in Horley on Saturday so really looking forward to that.

I promise to post some pictures of cards soon, Im in the middle of mass producing some Christmas cards today.

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