Monday 29 September 2008

The man is a genius!

Valentino Rossi is a genius! He has won the Moto GP Championship again and shown everybody just how amazing he is on a motorbike.

What an amazing race at Motegi, Japan this weekend and even though I have been working at Ally Pally Saturday and Sunday I still had to get up each morning at 05:45am and watch the qualifying and then the race on Sunday - and it was worth it. Sorry to Kim who shared a room with me this weekend - at least I didnt have the sound up too loud or shout too often at the screen.

Well done Vale I knew you would do it and show them all.

This was Valentino's after race show, he is always so good at his stunts. He signed a new contract for his World Championship crash helmet on the side of the track immediately after winning the race. It was quite simply brilliant. Now I cant wait for the last 3 races where you can just go hell for leather and have some fun!

Well done James Toseland too, never having been to the track and still coming 11th was really good, shame you couldnt hold John Hopkins off on the last lap. Off to tracks JT knows now so hopefully he will get some well earned points and finish his first season on a high. Im off to Brans Hatch in a couple of weeks and will see you there!


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