Wednesday 30 July 2008

I'm so lucky!

It was my birthday on Sunday and after being away all weekend at the Art Stamp Show in Newbury, I packed up and travelled home as quickly as possible and the M3 and M25 was very kind to me.

On the way home I decided I really did want an ice cold G&T so I stopped to get some tonic but alas it was warm and it has to be ice cold. Anyway they had coke in the fridge so I settled for a long Bacardi and Coke.

When I arrived home I was faced with this at the entrance to the garden!

So I had to sit outside but up by the house for my drink but was told my Merv that it would be worth it.
Anyway as the sun started to go down behind the trees I was allowed down to see what they had done for me.

It was amazing they had covered the garden with duvets, pillows, blankets, cushions and covered them in sheets, sprinkled cut flower heads everywhere (in my favourite purple colour). Merv had built a low table and this too was covered in flowers, ribbons etc.

There were candles and josh sticks burning everywhere - it was lovely.

So I sat myself down and Merv presented Mango Lassie (a gorgeous mango, milk and icecream drink), pompodoms with onion and tomato salad, mango chupney, Chicken Thia curry, lemon rice and then to follow chocolate torte and icecream- it was scrummy.

This meant more to me than any present would, thank you Merv, Matt and Owen.


Yvonne said...

Wow what a lovely surprise for your birthday! I hope you had a great day and sending you love and best wishes, though a little late :-) xx

Paula Pascual said...

Lucky, lucky! You deserve it, though!

Justine said...

that's so lovely Julie, how sweet!!! I would have had a tear or two if my hubby did that to me!!
Hope you had a wonderful day?
Justine x

Katty Bell said...

Oh wow! What a lovely surprise.
Lucky you, having such thoughtful and caring men in your life.
Belated Birthday Wishes