Monday 10 September 2007

Flower Power Papercrafts

Thought I would share with you all that I have just started writing my 3rd book with David and Charles, Flower Power Papercrafts which is due to be published October 2008.

I have spent the day making projects for it and am really pleased with my efforts today. Im working on the advance projects - I have to supply enough work for them to put together an advertising aid to help sell the book before its even written.

I have photography next Monday for the advance projects - this is my first deadline for the book. I have just one more project to make and then I will be ready to go so hopefully, all being well I should be ready for Monday morning.

I have to make everything in steps by step so that we shoot a picture, put that away, get out the next step shoot that and so on. Real Blue Peter fashion.

We will be shooting step by steps for 6 projects which is alot for one days photography but Im sure we will manage it. Ginette Chapman, the photographer, and I have worked together on the other two books so we know exactly what we need to do which obviously helps.

Unfortunately I obviously cant show you any pictures of what I have made for the book but I will make some cards over the next few days and will share these with you, so check back soon.

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stampingcaz said...

sounds fab Jules.

BTW I have tagged you with a fun tag thing.... check out my blog