Saturday 21 July 2007

Where does the time go!

Sorry not to have posted anything for a couple of days, but where does the time go!! I miss it when other people dont post something so I am sorry.
I have been really busy with magazine projects and ideas for Craftwork Cards next set of Recipe Cards.
I also attended my youngest, Owen's, Award ceremony at school yesterday with Merv. He had been put forward for an award but the school dont tell you what until you get there. Anyway he got an improvement award for Geography and an academic award for Drama - if you know Owen you will understand the Drama Award!! Anyway needless to say both Merv and I are really proud of him.
Anyway down to crafting things! I have to make my brother in law, Jim, a card today - he was 50 a couple of weeks ago and I have been awarded the task of making a card that all the family can sign - why me!! I suppose I know why really. Im going to use the new Jumbo Tags from Craftwork Cards, if you have nt seen them yet go check them out there are brilliant. I would do a link to the website but I need Caz to teach me still!! Im going to use masculine papers and big chipboard numbers for the 50 and I will stitch the papers and tags together and add ribbons and brads and bits - cant wait to make it now. Unfortunately I have to clean the house from top to bottom first! This doesnt happen often, only when someone is visiting and as we have 17 coming tomorrow I think it needs to be done. Please tell me where in a small victorian semi Im going to put 17 people if it rains and we cant get out in the garden!
I will post a picture of the tag card for Jim when Ive made it.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun if it does shine.

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